November 27, 2014 -- Updated 1531 GMT (2331 HKT) Edited by Dave Gilbert in London

The world of cricket rallies on social media in support of the player who bowled the ball that killed popular Australian batsman Phil Hughes. FULL STORY | FACING FEAR | IS CRICKET SAFE?

Officer Darren Wilson was mowing his lawn when told his address was circulating online.
Soccer star Zahir Belounis tells of his ordeal, trapped by Qatari employment law.
French-Algerian football player Zahir Belounis speaks during a press conference at the headquarters of the National Union of Professional Footballers (UNFP) in Paris on December 3, 2013. Belounis, 33, who had not been able to leave Qatar due to a pay dispute with his club Al-Jaish, finally returned home on November 28 and said that he had been 'partly destroyed' by the Qatari club who refused him an exit visa for 17 months.
Andy Murray ends speculation, announcing he is to marry his long-term girlfriend Kim Sears.


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